Color Correction

In today’s growing artistic world of motion picture production, having a state-of-the-art Color Correction tools integrated into production plans is paramount to your feature getting distributed or having it sit on the shelf with limited distribution. Olympusat’s Mexico City Studios provides Color Correction services with Hollywood grade output at a fraction of the cost. Our 30 digital editors work 24/7 on classic and contemporary color correction features, documentaries, series and short films. We use DaVinci Resolve color correction software, which has been the standard in post-production since 1984.


  1. Get the DaVinci Blockbuster Look at a Fraction:  Our color correction yields breathtaking results that only large Hollywood budgets can afford–and we deliver to you at a fraction of price!
  2. Custom Color Palette for Your Project:  We work with you to find the perfect color correction solution for episodic television production, commercials, independent films and 
music videos.
  3. Real-Time Access:  Through our Fiber Transport Partners, we provide client real-time access of your production workflow to ensure we are meeting your color grading specifications and that your production meets and exceeds your standards.





Our digital editors work 24/7 on classic and contemporary film restoration with a quick turnaround time that will meet even the most ambitious deadlines. We use-the world’s leading film restoration software with all the Hollywood grade features to repair all types of film damage. Our restoration editors work meticulously on features, which are often over 300,000 frames! We’ve worked on over 500 feature-length movies since we began operating our studios and we look forward to restoring your masterpiece.


  1. REMOVAL OF IMPERFECTIONS: We remove film grain, dust, dirt, scratches, eliminate flicker, fix registration and weave problems.
  2. 24/7: We employ more than 30 editors working 24/7 to meet our customer’s production timelines
  3. WE DO IT ALL: We restore feature films, older television commercials weathered documentaries, damaged television series and historical footage.
  4. FORMAT FLEXIBILITY: We re-master in multiple formats including HD broadcast, Blu-Ray, DVD and H.264.





Olympusat’s Digital Studios takes your 35MM or 16MM film and evaluates your film’s condition. Then, based on the condition of your film, we provide an estimate of the total project cost and time. Our seasoned technicians carefully clean the film and prepare it for the HD Scanning using our motion picture film scanning system. Within a few hours from the scanning session, we will have converted your film into a HD2K DPX file.


  1. HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE: Double and Triple-Flash High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the best print film shadow detail.
  2. MANAGES DAMAGED FILM WITH EASE: Warped film is held flat on 4 sides with a pressure plate for superior full-frame focus. Plus, we use a 2D optical pin registration for best stability of shrunk and damaged film.
  3. MULTIPLE OUTPUT FORMATS: We can produce Multiple and simultaneous output resolutions and data formats including DPX and all popular QuickTime codecs.